Choosing The Domain Name For Your Website and Naming Individual Pages

In search engine optimization, one of the important items to get your page to come up in the search results is what you choose for a Domain Name of your website. Althought this is not as important as many of the other steps in the search engine optimization process, it is still believed by many of the SEO experts to hold some weight with the search engines. You can see an example of the the Domain Name of your website and how it shows up in the Google search results page by clicking on the example below. In this example, we conducted a search for the term “internet marketing.” At the top of the page begins the organic search results, which is where search engine optimization will help to get you. The first organic search in this example is “Internet Marketing – Wikipedia.”

internet marketing search results

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Google Search Results and The Domain Name

Notice how all of the top websites have the term “internet marketing” either in the domain name or in name of the specific webpage. In the Wikipedia example, the domain name is not internet marketing, but the webpage name is “internet marketing” and it matches what we searched for. Let’s look at the second example we used, the website is This website selected as their domain name as this is a primary keyword they wanted to come up for. Notice also that the word “internet marketing” is bolded in the domain name and in the individual pages because this is the term we searched for. It is important to choose a domain name and to name each page of your website for your keywords and to get your pages indexed in the search engines. As we will see in other SEO trainings, choosing the domain name and naming pages is not the only thing you do for search engine optimization, but most experts in the field believe it plays a role.

What Does the Domain Name Look Like?

Now let’s look at what the Domain Name looks like. Common domain names are, and The Domain you choose is the unique address for your website on the world wide web. Domain names are purchased from businesses that sell domain names such as

How to Choose a Domain Name?

godaddy domain name registrarWhen selecting a website’s domain name, it is a important part of the search engine optimization process to select a domain name that represents what your website is going to be about. As stated before, this is not an all important step, but many SEO experts believe that it does have some impact on the search engine results. To select a domain name, simply go to a domain name registrar such as to see if the domain name you want is available. Domain names can then be registered for as little as $10 a year. It is important to remember that domain names can end with .com, .net, .org, etc. For business websites, we suggest staying with the .com suffix.

CB Web Innovations’ Professional SEO Services

There is much to know about search engine optimization services (SEO) and there are no magic tricks, but with a little time and experience you will be able to apply basic search engine optimization techniques to your businesses website and begin seeing an increase in traffic through the search engines. Sometimes these basic search engine optimization techniques are not enough and your business may be seeking additional traffic and search engine ranking to increase business. When this time comes, please visit our search engine optimization page for more details and contact us for professional consultation services.

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